Experts club invitation

We would formally like to invite you to the UenMe Experts Club.

The Experts Club is a set of tools and privileges for our best sellers and only available by invitation and strict application.  There is no cost to join and you may leave at any time. The tools are meant to help you increase your efficiency and earn more during your sessions.

VIP sellers on average see an increase in earnings of 58% per session.

VIP Privileges: 

  • Special immunity from user "reporting" - Your account will not be locked for low amounts of user reports.

  • Featured profile listing - Your profile will show up higher in all search results.

  • Direct access to Experts concierge - 24/7 access to help by real humans.

Expert Tools:

  • Crown Menu: Once you join the Experts Club you’ll find a new menu in the app. That menu gives you access to a curated list of likely buyers who are online at that moment. The Crown Menu also contains exclusive tips and updates from the Experts concierge.

Coming Soon Features:

  • Expedited Earnings Distributions - Expert Club members will be processed twice weekly meaning quicker access to your earnings.

  • In-App Badging - Expert Club members will receive a special visual badge in the app.

  • Exclusive Merchandising - Ability to add multiple profile images/videos.

Your Responsibilities:

As an expert seller you are the most likely person to contact new users.  As such we consider you an ambassador for UenMe. We expect you to maintain a professional profile and strictly follow our Terms of Use.

If you are up to the challenge of earning more, please apply below! 

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VIP Sellers are expected to maintain a professional profile and we ask compliance with a set of simple and reasonable requirements.

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