101 Ways to Use UenMe

(And this is just the tip of the iceberg!)

1. Catch up with an old friend over video chat
2. Get career advice from professional coach CareerCoach (The username says it all, you guys!)
3. Play Truth or Dare with a new friend!
4. Add interesting people to your favorites list by tapping the star next to their username


5. Message Team UenMe for an easy link to the UenMe FAQ and any other assistance you might need
6. Keep your profile info up to date to draw attention from potential clients or new friends
7. Use video chat to interview a potential job candidate remotely, without giving out your phone number or email address
8. Practice your Spanish (or English!) with bilingual users like Skinbyrd and Zelena
9. Offer your services in whatever your field of expertise (Math tutoring? IT and computers? Fashion and styling? There's a market for everything in the UenMe community!) 
10. Video chat with AshleyVetTech for answers to all of your pet-related queries


11. Message and video chat with your friends and fans without worrying about your privacy
12. Get a guitar lesson from EmptyPalace
13. Pre-screen your Tinder match before scheduling a date...You know, just to make sure they're as cute as their Tinder photos ;)
14. Revamp your wardrobe with help from Stylist and Fashion Consultant Ennyrb
15. Work on your shyness - Start by introducing yourself with a message!
16. Talk with Fresa about Doctor Who and your other favorite geeky fandoms
17. Browse the # menu and see who else is interested in topics like #art or #videogames
18. Have a pizza party with your long-distance bestie
19. Hold an exclusive Q & A session with one of your biggest fans from social media
20. Ask Gitanna about her pet bunny and her adorable dog
21. Add your own interests from the Edit Profile screen - Type in anything you like, and the app's algorithm will match you with more people with common interests
22. Chat about the latest episode of your favorite tv show, or watch it live with a friend
23. Take turns telling cheesy jokes with Lascauxx (But be forewarned - She will probably out-cheese you!)
24. Negotiate your uens-per-minute rate or discuss your schedule via message, before committing to a call


25. Exchange silly stories about your cat or dog with animal lover Sonora
26. Pay attention to your messages from Team Uenme for chances to get free uens from time to time
27. Talk to social media personalities like Geebzer and PeggySueWinters
28. Scan profile photos for cuties to connect with from the Discover tab
29. If you're someone providing your advice or expertise for a fee, offer a free introductory call to entice potential clients
30. Get beauty advice from makeup artists Iness and TheMUA
31. Share your custom UenMe link - It's UenMe.co/yourusername , except, of course, with your username ;P
32. Get advice on your love life from HeartOfTheMatterCounseling
33. Check out the most active and most recently active users toward the top of the Discover tab
34. Get something off your chest and share a secret with a stranger (UenMe is as anonymous as you want to be!)
35. Discuss your next tattoo idea with tattoo artist PaulaM
36. Play a board game over video chat (It works best if both people have the same game, but one can work, too!)
37. Build up your brand with help from EstherKiss
38. Connect to friends from your contacts, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram from the Social tab
39. Get buff with personal training sessions with AndreaLowell
40. Tap any #interest on someone's profile to see other users interested in the subject
41. Ask SethC for marketing advice for your product or service
42. Kill some time during your lunch break or while waiting for an appointment
43. Talk with SuicideGirls like CircaSuicide, IvorySuicide, or MintSuicide
44. Have coffee with a friend over video chat
45. Ask tattoo models like KillahKvsh and Nebula about their favorite ink
46. Adjust your privacy settings to customize how other users can search for you
47. Let stand-up comedian LindseyJenningz test her latest comedy routine on you


48. Respond to your missed video calls with a call back or a text message
49. Consult life coaches like Jchato, AndrewNino, and Marchar01
50. Take turns doing karaoke (And for an extra challenge, pick songs for each other!)
51. Connect with more people when you upload your snazziest selfie for your profile pic
52. Ask singer and performer Sunny about her favorite musicals
53. Get help repairing your motorcycle from MelroseMoto
54. Play Pictionary or Charades over video chat
55. Monetize your social media following when you let your fans know they can video chat with you one on on
56. Take a friend on a tour of your city
57. Get photography tips and tricks from professional photographers ShotByAsh and Aymi
58. Play "Truth or Dare"...If you dare!


59. Learn how to rock when you take a bass lesson with SilverBlizzard
60. Exercise with a long distance friend
61. Talk with pin-up mavens TheBadger and LillianWinters about vintage style and hair techniques
62. Keep a friend or family member company while deployed overseas
63. Ask Johan what the weather is like in Sweden
64. Say hi to your pets during your lunch break (It's up to you to train them to answer if there isn't a human at home with them!)
65. Learn what your future holds by chatting with a psychic reader or intuitive like PsychicPriscilla
66. Play "20 Questions" with someone new and interesting
67. Get a pep talk from SunnieSunshine, Queen of Positivity
68. Play "Two Truths and One Lie" to test how well you know your friends (You tell two true stories or facts, and then one that's a lie. Your friend wins if they correctly guess which was the lie!)
69. Enjoy a private concert with musicians like Bisante, TaliaRaz, and JCrimmins


70. Fancy yourself a geek? Browse interests like #comics, #cosplay, and #anime and find kindred spirits to connect with
71. Learn how to swear in another language with Kia, ClemSuicide, or MintPsyche
72. Talk about current events or politics with someone outside your usual circle
73. Get diet advice from Nutritionist CoachMainer
74. Follow up with your own clients via message and video chat
75. Play "Would You Rather" - This one is fun with friends and new people alike!
76. Offer private video chats as a perk for your most loyal customers
77. Chat about the latest videogames with gaming aficionados S0calflip, MarsSuicide, and RubyTrue
78. Encourage your fans and clients to message you to set up a call time during times you're unavailable
79. Have a Sunday morning pajama party with your siblings while they're away at college
80. Gossip about your favorite drag queens with Mikaul or Kiley
81. Find a potential love connection browsing through the #single and #dating hashtags
82. Ask songwriting advice from music producer ChrisGWright
83. Play "Never Have I Ever" to get to know someone (Hold up 5 fingers, and take turns coming up with statements like "Never have I ever broken a bone" or "Never have I ever flirted to get out of a parking ticket" - If the other person HAS done this, they have to put down one finger. Whoever runs out of fingers first is the loser!)


84. Get dating advice from Relationship and Dating Consultant KaiDownes
85. Upload a new profile pic featuring your pet for a guaranteed conversation starter
86. Need to practice a presentation for work or school? Connect with someone through Random Chat and practice
87. Discuss your favorite varieties of cheese with ReedSuicide (Seriously! She loves it!)
88. Get a tarot reading from PsychicLoveAdvisorAnna
89. Pick a recipe with a friend, prepare the meal at the same time, and enjoy together, too!
90. Gab about the latest in tech and gadgets with Silicon Valley techie Cigno
91. Ask Nebula about her favorite hikes
92. Instead of Pictionary, try this: Take turns describing an item without saying what it is, while the other has to draw what they are hearing - You'll get some hilarious results!
93. Chat with photographer and model Milloux about her latest travels
94. Talk to Nefka about life in Argentina
95. Form a gym pact with other users who list fitness as an interest, and help each other keep on top of your workout goals
96. Impress ThatTorieGirl with your knowledge of classic movies and music, from Breakfast at Tiffany's to Frank Sinatra


97. Show off a famous landmark or two to your friends back home while you're traveling
98. Connect with animal lovers like Pamelia and Allis
99. Find someone to keep you company when you're bored and alone
100. Read a bedtime story to your kids while you're working out of town
101. Message Team UenMe to share your feedback about the app


Questions about UenMe? 
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions / Preguntas Frecuentes
or contact Team UenMe on the app: uenme.co/uenme


(photography by Erica Danger)