Unlocking UenMe's Secret Algorithm

(So You Can Earn More!)

Did you know UenMe uses a super-secret algorithm to determine who is displayed toward the top of the app and who is at the bottom? It's true! So why does this matter, and (more importantly) how can it benefit YOU? 


Since UenMe is a community-based app, featuring our most recently and most frequently active users helps keep the action going. This helps you to find other users who are most likely to pick up when you're ready to chat, and it helps others to find you more easily, too! (Translation: More $$$ for everyone!)



There's a complicated formula the app uses, but here are the specific criteria considered by UenMe's fancy-schmancy algorithm: 

• Your last sign-in
• Calls you've answered, and their duration
• Calls you've placed, and their duration
• The number of calls you've missed
• Who the app thinks you'll like (based on #interests, language, and your call patterns)

Answered calls are given the most weight, followed by calls that you have made to other users. Longer calls are weighted more heavily than short ones, and missed calls subtract a few points each from your "score" within the system. 

The system also considers the #interests that you have in common with other users, and whether your app is set to English or Spanish. The thinking here is that you'll want to chat with people you have things in common with, and those who speak the same language as you. (Makes sense, right?)



So what can you do to ensure your profile has the highest ranking possible? Here are 8 ways to guarantee your profile's visibility on UenMe!

1. Sign in daily

Just logging in will move you up in the rankings a bit, so it's a great idea to pop in to see who's available and check your messages in the Communication tab. 

2. Answer as many calls as you're able to

Answering your calls is the single most effective way to boost your ranking within the app, so make sure to pick up as often as you can! 

3. Return your missed calls

If you're not available to take a call (during a lunch break, for example), set your profile back to unavailable during that time period so you don't miss any calls.

Warning: You might think leaving your profile constantly set to available will help you get the most calls possible, but not so! If you miss too many calls, the system will actually hide your profile by moving it to the bottom of the user list, so you won't really be displayed to other users until you've been more active.

4. Ensure your iPhone's notifications are enabled 
(Also helpful: set THE Alert Style to "Alerts")

This will help you avoid missing calls while you're scrolling through Instagram or other apps. If you have notifications set to "Banners", they may disappear too quickly, and if notifications are turned off altogether, you'll miss ALL of your calls and messages! (Not sure how to change these settings? Our FAQ has more info!)

5. Add Interests to your profile

This lets others know what kinds of topics you want to chat about, and you have interests like #cosplay or #cats in common with someone, you'll rank higher on their Discover page! 

6. Message users WITH SIMILAR Interests & users who seem FUN

Some people are totally comfortable making and answering calls straight away, while others are more likely to chat with you if you've introduced yourself and messaged back and forth a bit first. Say hi and ask if they'd like to chat with you sometime - You'll never know if you don't try! :)

7. Message users to negotiate their call rate (instead of calling at a different price)

You want people to answer your calls, but experts and influencers' time is valuable! If you call at a different rate than what they're asking, they may not answer or return your call. Most people selling their time tend raise and lower their rates periodically, though - Try asking if they have an introductory special or if they plan to offer any special rates anytime soon!

8. Ask your callers to favorite your profile

Anyone can add you to their favorites by tapping the star next to your username. 

This will add you to their Favorites tab, and alert them whenever you become available to chat - Both things that encourage them to call you more often!



The algorithm considers all of the activity on your account, but the most recent calls and log-ins will weigh more heavily.

This means that any user who has just one really great day on the app might end up ranking higher than someone who had 5 awesome days in a row last week. Score!


Ready to get started moving up in the ranks? Sign in and start reaching out to new people right now! 


Questions about UenMe? 
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions / Preguntas Frecuentes
or contact Team UenMe on the app: uenme.co/uenme


(photography by Erica Danger)