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Andrea Lowell - Fitness & Diet Coach

Andrea Lowell is a certified trainer & raw nutritionist on UenMe aiming to help people reach their physique and health goals through natural & holistic methods. In addition to fitness Andrea is a prominent radio and tv host and can be found on the Sexy Beast radio show & TuneIn.

What do you do?

I’m a certified Personal Trainer and Raw Foods Nutritionist who strives to help each client be the best, healthiest version of themselves. I delve deep into lifestyle, diet, and physical fitness to create a plan of action that’s sustainable for a lifetime! 

Whats your philosophy about working out?

Working out is a reward, not a punishment, your body deserves to be pushed and made strong and sexy. YOU deserve to feel confident in your mobility and appearance. The only thing you’ll regret is not having started sooner!

Andrea Lowell UenMe Expert - Fitness and Diet

How can you help someone that wants to improve their life through video chat?

We could start by simply reviewing what a UenMe member has in their pantry and fridge, together. We could then, in real-time, discuss their diet and check their form on certain fitness elements. The video chat allows for there to be no waste of time, no waiting for a response, and the ability to ask questions right then and there. It’s meant to make your life easier and your goals accessible! Connect to Andrea on UenMe now!


Ultimately, I fused my two passions into a single purpose, helping others achieve the same for themselves. Teaching and coaching others is my true calling.


What inspired you to get into fitness?

I was born with great natural fitness abilities, but as I got older, I wasn’t achieving the results I really wanted. I took a good hard look at my own choices, then dug deep into years of research on nutritional healing and fitness. Ultimately, I fused my two passions into a single purpose, helping others achieve the same for themselves. Teaching and coaching others is my true calling. 

What can someone calling you expect?

Callers can expect a laid back vibe and a whole lot of knowledge! I study the latest food and sports science research, weekly. I have over a decade of personal research under my belt, plus lots of practical experience. I am not overly clinical, but laid back and conversational. If you’re ready to lay it all out, I’m ready to set it all up!

How often would you be available per week?

Because I have a waitlist to see me in person, and host several TV and radio programs, my schedule isn’t as black and white as I would hope, but if you see me online, or DM me on social media to set up a call time, we’ll make it work!

UenMe expert Andrea Lowell fitness and raw diet

Working out is a reward, not a punishment , Your body deserves to be pushed and made strong and sexy


What is your philosophy about diet?

Eat for nourishment. If it’s not serving a nutritional purpose, don’t eat it. Of course, once in a blue moon is fine to indulge, but if you’re an over-eater, it could lead to relapse. You are in control. You need to decide each meal like this: 1) Is this taking me to my goal? 2) Is this keeping me at my current state? 3) Is this pushing me further away from my goal. YOU DECIDE.

Raw Superfood Salad - Andrea Lowell

Raw Superfood Salad - Andrea Lowell

What do you eat for breakfast, dinner and snacks?

There’s not enough space on the blog! Personally, I eat more food than anyone I know. I eat for nutrition and lots of the foods I eat are water-rich, which digest quickly, so I need to eat a LOT more and get enough calories. I’m big on fresh fruits, avocados, superfoods, and living foods!

Why is a raw diet so beneficial as a diet?

Eating food, in it’s most natural state, preserves the live enzymes and phytonutrients that get degraded while cooking food. By eating a highly raw diet, you’ll get superior nutrient uptake, the live water content for ultimate hydration, and tons of enzymes!

What does a normal day for you look like?

Because I’m in the entertainment industry, as well as a health professional, no day is alike. But, on Monday, for example, I produce a radio show and host two others, back-to-back. Then, I get a small break…prepare for my PT clients, reviewing what we’ve been working on and building their programs for the day, then head off to the gym to execute those programs. I take clients until 10 pm.

Andrea Lowell UenMe Expert

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