Everything you ever wanted to know about mastering UenMe

What is UenMe?

UenMe is a fun and easy way to privately video chat with people who share your #interests. You can talk for free, or charge for your time using our in-app currency. Users keep all money earned when cashing out. Four Uens are worth a US dollar.

How can I set the rate I charge per minute?

From your Dashboard tab, you can set what you would like to charge per minute with a maximum of 100 Uens, which equates to 25 US dollars per minute.

I don’t live in the US...Can I still get paid?

Yes. Anyone with a Paypal account can cash out from their Dashboard.

How are Uens earned?

Uens are earned by the minute and will tick at the bottom of the screen for the duration of the call. You can view how many Uens you have at anytime on your Dashboard. Read more about how Uens work here.

How can I find someone to talk to?

Search for anyone in the app either by username from the ‘@’ tab, or by interest through the ‘#’ tab. Find new clients by searching for users with matching interests like #paleo, #poker, or #pizza. You can also connect your social network accounts to match up with other friends who are using the app!

Can I call someone and earn Uens?

Yes! You can call anyone and charge for your time. When making your call, just adjust the dial to say “I want to earn” and set the amount you would like to charge for the call.

How can I show if I am available or unavailable?

We see a high number of missed calls every day from users trying to pay sellers. Make sure you are available to earn money by setting your profile to available. Include the times you will be available to receive calls in your profile. Be sure to add your time zone. Being “available” and answering your calls consistently will help you receive increased attention in the app as the app's algorithm promotes our most active users.

How do I avoid missing calls?

Make sure your phone's settings allow notifications from UenMe to ensure you don't miss calls.  You can view your missed calls from your Communication tab, along with any messages sent.

How to notify your friends when you are available

Make sure to tell your friends to star your profile to add you to their favorites. If someone has you in their favorites, they’ll get a notification whenever you become available. This is one of the most effective ways to get business from repeat callers!

How to get more calls

Sellers who receive the most calls are seeing a lot of business from their websites and social networks. They're informing their fans and followers by placing their unique URL on their websites and social profiles, posting announcements or stories when they are available to chat, and even messaging their most loyal fans or clients directly to invite them to chat. 

You can find your own unique URL from your dashboard!


Questions about UenMe?
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions / Preguntas Frecuentes
or contact Team UenMe on the app: uenme.co/uenme