3 obvious ways for Musicians to make money with UenMe

Gone are the days when music teachers would post about their classes and lessons to music-hungry, aspiring pop stars on bulletin boards at their local cafes and grocery stores. These days, digital communication, especially video, has taken center stage for how musicians teach and how future rockstars learn.

Today services like UenMe allow what is most important - the exchange of skills, knowledge, and ideas to happen directly from your phone through video chat. Buh-bye to awkwardly navigating public transportation with a bulky guitar case, or forgetting your violin in cabs!

Read on for some great ways musicians can utilize UenMe...

Private concerts with fans

Many musicians have used online and offline venues to build a devoted following. With UenMe you are able to offer to perform private concerts to fans anywhere at any time (and decide your own ticket price). All you need  to start connecting is a few fans who love your music!

Music lessons

Nothing is more frustrating than needing a little help to overcome a difficult chord or playing through a full song properly! There are tons of people out there looking for help fine-tuning their skills. With UenMe, students can find you immediately through #interests like #guitarlessons or #musiclessons - Right now there are over 450 members with #music as an interest!

Songwriting help

Composing and writing music is fun, but sometimes finding inspiration can feel impossible! Some songwriters prefer to write in isolation, but for others, some friendly input and a fresh perspective can be greatly appreciated. Reach out to people to ask them about what inspires them, find other composers, or ask someone what music means to them.

Pro tip:

If you're a musician, let your followers know how to connect with you on UenMe by sharing your unique URL on your website and social media! You can find the url for your account in settings by clicking the ↗️ icon.

Earning on YOUR terms

As always, you set your own rates, cash out when and how you want, AND keep 100% of what you charge. You can't get any more pitch perfect than that!




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