How to write a perfect bio to get more clients and callers

Recently we helped one of our experts design the perfect bio for their profile, based on their business needs and feedback we've seen from users with high call rates.

We thought we'd share this information with the rest of our community, so here are our recommendations for our members' bios...

What do you do?

Open with a simple sentence about what you do and why you do it - This will catch a client's interest immediately and frame who you are to whoever reads your profile, straight from the first sentence!

What can you do for your clients?

The next question potential clients will ask is, "What can you do for me, and how?" Here is your chance to explain how you can help someone going through a tough time with their relationship, teach someone how to code, learn French, or anything else!

When are you available?

We see a number of missed calls, which are lost opportunities for experts to earn money and clients to get the help they are looking for. The solution is simple: write when you are most likely to be available, and, since UenMe users are all over the world, include which time zone those hours apply to. 

A few examples...


"Music Producer, Business Owner, Internet Entrepreneur. I am a full-time business owner and music producer. I love helping people accomplish their music and business goals. If you need advice or help building a plan regarding anything related to music production, online marketing, business, or artist development." - Chris

"I am a licensed vet tech. Have worked in the animal care field for 5 yrs. I have experience with small animals and exotics. Health, behavior, and training is my expertise!" - Ashley Vet Tech

"Always interested in hearing people's stories. Speak Swedish, English, Japanese and Videogames. Available Mon - Fri 11am - 6pm Los Angeles Time" - Johan


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