Proven strategies to earn money on UenMe, used by our top earners

We've learned a lot this year by talking to our top earners and analyzing their data on UenMe. Keep reading for our findings and how this info can help YOU to earn more, too!

Your Picture + Profile

Personality is key!

It all begins with a name. Choosing a great name that is easy to remember and easy to spell will go a long way. Think @pizzaking instead of @pizzzzzakinng. When it comes to your profile picture, don't be afraid to show your unique side! Looking at the top earners, they don't just have a smiling face, they include interesting things like tattoos, different body poses, flirty looks, artsy details or angles, and pets. Bottom line: use your profile picture to show your personality, just make sure to keep your images appropriate for all audiences. 

Don't forget to add interests to your profile, such as #music #tattoos #starwars #pizza (this one is super important, obviously). Users will search for people to talk to based on hashtags in the app, so if you want to be found get your # game on!


Stop missing calls & make sure your callers know when you are online

Make sure your phone's settings allow UenMe notifications! If you don't, the app can't notify you when someone wants to chat, which means you're missing out on their money. (Who wants that?!)

It may sound obvious, but also be sure your status is set to available when you're available, and unavailable when you're not. You choose when you're available and how often, so keep that in mind when you're thinking about how much money you'd like to make with UenMe. 

Did you know anyone can leave you a message? Let them know you'd love to get back to them by including a note in your profile such as: "If I'm unavailable, just leave me a message, and I'll call you back as soon as I can!"  When you're set to unavailable, this is the only way people can contact you, but sometimes they're too shy without your encouragement.



Ask your callers to favorite your profile by clicking the star next to your name. Anyone that has added you to their favorites will be notified as soon as you set yourself to available.


Invite friends & fans

Convert your fans and clients into callers!

You can privately let your biggest fans or clients know about reaching you through UenMe so it's a little more exclusive, or if you'd prefer reaching as many fans as possible, make an announcement on Snapchat, Instagram, or wherever else online! Remember, though, just like everywhere else online, your fans will only know they can find you on UenMe if you tell them. 

It's not just what you say, but how you say it! Make it as easy as possible for your fans to reach you, and it will make a huge difference. Example:

"Hey guys! I'm about to hop on to video chat on UenMe! If you want to talk 1 on 1, give me a call! (clickable link in bio!)"

If they have the app, clicking your UenMe link will take them straight to your profile, and if they don't have it yet, it will link them to the App Store where they can learn more and download it.

UenMe users are all different types of people! Even if you have a ton of fans elsewhere online, it's possible that not very many people within the UenMe community will know who you are at first. Your fans who know you from your various social networks will be the most excited to pay to chat with you while you are still new to the UenMe community. 

It can also be helpful to announce to your fans when you'll be online later this week, but our top users have found they get the most calls when they make an announcement *right* when they become available.



  1. Memorable & simple username

  2. Photo with unique personality

  3. #Hashtags galore

  4. Be clear about availability

  5. Encourage callers to send you a message if unavailable

  6. Invite everybody by sharing unique URL

  7. Get everyone to star your profile to favorite you

  8. Cash out and receive 100% of what you just earned!


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